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Your Domain Name + Personalised E-mail Address From Only £45.00


  • How does it look after a great conversation with a potential customer when you hand them your business card and your E-mail address is one of the many free email services available?


  • Imagine how much more professional Tom's image would look if his E-mail address was , this would certainly give Tom's business more credibility


  • First impressions count, professional branding aside, there are some great reasons to have "your E-mail @ your own domain name" for business E-mail:

    .com .org etc.

    Web Design Services at Affordable Prices

    Here at Your Web Co. we believe that all companies and individuals should have affordable access to internet mareting and by our "Affordable Price Structure" we are giving that opportunity to small companies and startup businesses that may not have the budget for expensive web site design. We are offering a basic startup package that will allow the first time user easy access onto the world wide web, by giving a full design service at very affordable prices. Once you have established your presence on the web then you can benefit from all the marketing tools that come with having a web site of your own.

    £45.00 for your Domain Name and up to 5 E-mail addresses

    £100.00 for a fully designed web site

    £145.00 for the complete Package

    The Complete Web Starter Package.

    Your own exclusive website

    Up to 5 POP E-mail Addresses, Exchange E-mail also available

    Your Domain Name Registration, yours for life

    Web Hosting for 1 Year renewable

    Total Design of you Web Site with up to 5 Pages

    Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so your site can be found


    Affordable Prices To Get You On The Web

    You can choose to have your own personal E-mail adress, your own web site domain

    name and a full web site or just an E-mail name for your business

    Welcome to Your Web Co - Affordable Web Services

    Affordable E-mail & Websites for Startups, Small Businesses, Clubs, Pubs, Sports Groups. From Only £45.00


    Have you ever thought about having your very own personal E-mail address, domain name and website but imagined that the cost would be too high?
    We can help you choose and register a "", you can have up to 5 personal e-mail addresses to set you aside from the crowd. We can even design and build your own web site.
    You can choose to have just your own domain name and E-mail from only £45.00 (plus VAT), or you can have the full package of Email and web site, fully designed and built for only £145.00 (plus VAT).

    £45.00 for your Domain Name and up to 5 E-mail addresses

    £100.00 for a fully designed web site

    £145.00 for the complete Package

    Do I Really Need A Website ?

    One of the main reasons for having a website is because your competitors also have one. The business that succeeds in today's world is the one that, at least, has a website and one that provides the best service to its clients. A website is a powerful tool that can be of invaluable use to any business in today's economic climate.

    Today, every business has two major marketplaces, the first is traditional and the second is online. In the offline or traditional market place small businesses do have a significant place but they normally ignore the second yet more effective market place which is the world wide web.

    Get yourself a personal E-mail address or website today so that you can take that first step on the business internet and grab the advantages and profits that come along with it.