The Importance of a Professional E-mail Address

Is Your E-mail Address Losing You Customers?
How does it look after a great conversation with a potential customer when you hand them your business card and your email address belongs to one of the big email providers offering free service?
Put another way, imagine a lawyer called Jane...
...with an E-mail address of Do you think Jane's clients would be comfortable knowing that private correspondence with their consultant was being transmitted through a free email service? How would their perception of the business change if Jane's email address was ?

There are some great reasons to have your E-mail at your own domain name:

Have your own exclusive E-mail address and website

Promote your details on letterheads, business cards and all other promotional material

Advertising your own E-mail name on printed stationery has a more professional look

Promote your business using the WWW

Free Mail accounts makes you look unprofessional and not to say cheap

Privacy and Continuity are crucial in Business
With your own E-mail address, you have more control of your privacy – Protecting customer information is more important than most people would think. Would you sacrifice your customer information or much less your own. Using free third party free email apps, you are restricted to their use and privacy policy and so is the information you share with your stakeholders.