The Importance of your own Domain Name

Having Your Own Domain Gives You Credibility.
Primarily it gives your business its own identity on the web and on marketing material. Your web address can be a valuable brand name for you. You will want people to remember your web address and use it on a regular basis for updates on product and other information.

Do I Really Need To Have My Own Domain Name?

The One Word Answer is "YES"....
When you start your own business imagine how your customers perception would change if they had a choice of E-mail addresses for you. One would be and the other more professional one would be Professional branding aside, there are some great reasons to have your E-mail at your own domain name for business E-mail:

There Are Many Reason Why You Should Have Your Own Domain Name

It protects your name from other competitors using your it

It makes it is easier for people to find and remember you

Advertising your own domain name on printed stationery has a more professional look

Once you own a domain name, you can own it forever

Owning your domain name gives your web site credibility

How To Select A Domain Name

Make it as short as possible

Make it memorable

Make it easy to spell

Make it pronounceable

Make it a name you can brand

Make it non-confusable with another domain name

Make it directly related to either you or your business name

Make it directly related to keywords from your industry